One of the best, and most important commercial of this year's Super Bowl was the #LikeAGirl commercial. And I have to say, it was probably my favorite. Always originally launched the "like a girl" videos in June drawing millions to a video that showed adult women and males reacting meekly when asked
to run, throw or fight "like a girl." But young girls, not conditioned to the dismissive "like a girl" label, demonstrated with athletic vigor.
A pared-down version of the footage aired during the Super Bowl.  I sat watching this commercial with my 14 year old daughter, who is an athlete. Right after the commercial I looked over at her and asked her... Do people still have that stereotype? She quickly responded, YES! I also asked her what she thought a message like this sends? She said, it inspired her to be strong and proud...  Everyone needs to know girls are strong and can do anything we want! 
I felt proud that she feels like she can do anything and be anything she sets her mind too. As a mom, that made me smile.
I love that the commercial encourages everyone — young girls, boys, men and women — to run, fight and throw “like a girl.” The phrase has often had a negative and insulting connotation, and with messages like this, hopefully we can change this to mean the complete opposite.
So girls... Run as fast as you can! And smile. :) 

-Sara Carnes