Sara Carnes "Sara Smiles" Inspiration from Cleveland Indian David Murphy

Hi! It's Sara Carnes from the "Family Friendly Morning Show" here at 95.5 The Fish! I'm a big Cleveland Indians fan and recently I had the chance to interview one of my favorite players on the team, David Murphy. 

I love him because not only is he a great player, but he has never been shy about his faith and I've always admired that in him. As a matter of fact, his walk-up song is one of my favorite songs, "WHERE I BELONG" by Building 429. Every time he came up to bat, I got chills... what an awesome way to let his light shine to others!

When I met him, I asked him about the song selection...  He told me that it has been amazing how many people have come up to him and talked to him about the song and that he'll be bringing it back this year, too! He said he loves the part when the "choir" hits as he walks up to the plate.

I shared this story as well as some additional inspiring background I found on David Murphy in this segment from the 95.5 The Fish Morning Show.