Trust God and JUMP!!!

As my husband and I sat down to eat lunch together at a restaurant, we began to talk about God and our purpose. Although I was engaged in the conversation, my mind kept returning to the devotional I had read the night before and its scriptural reference. It stated

 "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 18:3 (NIV)

I decided to share the scripture with my husband and how it really had me thinking. It’s as if God gives us so many opportunities to understand what he means by this, yet we often still don’t catch it. He allows us to be children then still allows us to parent children not just by coincidence or because he had nothing better to do with his time but because he had something particular he wanted us to learn. I am guessing that his plan was that at the end of the full life experience we would really understand what he meant by this scripture. Yet I was still unclear. So I asked my husband what he thought it meant.

My husband began to remind me of our 2 year old daughter Gabby. If he tells Gabby that its ok for her to jump down the step because he will catch her, she jumps. If he doesn’t catch her she may be a little hesitant the next time but she will still give it another try. On the other hand, because he loves her and is the one who told her it was ok to jump in the first place, he makes it his duty to catch her. Since he is her father, falling isn’t an option in his mind and him not catching her isn’t an option in hers. 
This is what I believe Jesus meant by this scripture. My role as a child of God is to trust him blindly and whole-heartedly, not based on my understanding or life experience because he is my Father and he loves me. We must (like my daughter) have faith in his willingness and desire to protect us and guide us.  We tend to think that our fathers love changes because we grow older but just like my husband will always catch my daughter if he tells her to jump, so will our Father always catch us. So mama’s trust God and when he tells you to jump…JUMP!!!

By: Mom Squad Rachel Scott