What Women {Really} Want to Know… (Nope, sorry. No Mel Gibson in this post!)


You’re somebody’s princess, not because you are the most fair of the land
and not because some earthly prince showed up and asked for your hand

You’re somebody’s princess not based on beauty rare,
not power nor prestige nor the clothes that you wear

You’re somebody’s princess even if your earthly father was never a king
You’re somebody’s princess even if you are lacking the bling! {got nothin’ else, just keep reading…}

Whether you know it or not your heart is desired above all
There is a horse and chariot waiting, will you answer the call?

This is your chance to know a love so real, true and so pure,
No pain no heartbreak no hurt or disappointment to endure.

Your prince eagerly awaits you, with riches beyond compare
But He will not pressure or push you, a True Gentleman wouldn’t dare

He needs not your ideas, your manipulation or your plan
Relax and trust, He’s got it all covered for He’s a real Man

He took time long ago to create for YOU the perfect date
for the day that you would finally love Him back, was never up to fate

Oh you are somebody’s princess for that is a guarantee
no man you have ever loved here has ever nailed himself to a tree

For YOU He did this, He thought your heart worth it so
in hopes of in return of real love you would know

The exchange is an easy one the demand on you is small
No need to compromise anything, just answer the call

When you hear the ring of loneliness start pushing its way through
Know that there is a Prince waiting, hoping His princess would be YOU.

Oh YOU ARE Somebody’s Princess; He just asks that you’ll agree
To let Him lavishly love you for All Eternity…

Stop believing that you are ANYTHING less than a PRINCESS!
You are Royal and Worthy.
Accept, Know and Love your Prince.

He is waiting, patiently.


Every Woman MUST Hear This! from untilweflyaway on GodTube.

He is waiting, patiently.

Originally posted by Josie Valley on Minutes Matter.