Laying Down Your Life For a Friend or a Child

Some of the most amazing stories I have read or watched are those of average people doing something extraordinary that labels them as a modern day “Hero”. In just one moment they can go from walking up the street to the bus stop to saving a life and becoming a hero. Then you have those that are Hero’s in their own right because of an unbelievable act of bravery and sacrifice for a loved one. We have one of those hero’s in our group, Lisa, who gave up a kidney for her beloved husband. Acts such as these truly speak to the mandate that Jesus gave us in John 15:13

There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friend.

Recently after reading this scripture I began to wonder how an average mom like me fulfills this great call. When I would think of laying down my life, I thought of dying for someone. Jumping in front of a car for them or a bullet or “Dying on a Cross’. That is honestly a scary idea but it is what I thought of when it came to “laying down my life”. How do I lay down my life for a friend when I have children to take care of and a husband to love? I want to love like Christ, so how does this apply to me? Giving birth was the closes I have come to laying down my life since labor is a near death experience and I have done it 4 times. Yet after a few moments of meditating on this scripture it became clear how this may apply to me.

When Christ talked about laying down our lives it was because he knew that we would struggle with the idea of sacrificing for others. Yet, as mothers, we are called to sacrifice all the time. We often sacrifice our dreams, our plans, and our goals...our Lives. We give up something for the greater good of someone else, our children. That doesn't mean that we are miserable and unhappy because we give up so much, but it does give us a greater understanding of how we may be living out this scripture in our daily lives.

How exciting it was for me to learn that I was becoming more like Christ just in parenting. I am so thankful for my journey as a mother and even more grateful that I constantly get to experience greater love by laying down my life for my children. I want to remind you as well that as you lay down your life for your children, it isn’t in vain. God is pleased!

Be Blessed 

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