No Perfect Moms Allowed! wish there was a disclaimer on TMS website that said “No Perfect Mom’s Allowed”. If there were, I would surely hit the subscribe button. Count me in because you definitely won't find a perfect mama this way. That whole perfect mom thing can be so overwhelming. Yet many of us find ourselves trying to fit the image of what we think a perfect mom is or should be. We look online and see what other people are doing with their kiddos and think, “Wow, my kids don't do anything” or “I never do that with my kids” and we throw ourselves into the "Worst Mom Ever" category. 

This is definitely how I have been feeling lately. Recently, I have been finding myself a little sad about my relationship with my oldest son. He is now 8 and it just seems like all we do is argue. What perfect mom argues with their kids? Well, I do so that removes me from that category. 

It just seems like he never listens or he is being dishonest to cover up or avoid getting in trouble which only causes me to get upset. He goes around annoying his sisters which causes them to get upset and cry; which causes me to have to say something to him about how he is treating them; which causes him to get upset and this vicious cycle continues. I have been to the point of tears from the level of frustration I have had with my son. Every night I ask God to help me with our relationship. I’m constantly trying to figure out what my son needs from me. Having tried all that I know to do, what's left? To top it off, many times I feel like I’m the only one in the world trying to raise a Godly young man that doesn't seem to show Christ in his behavior. What am I doing wrong? This doesn’t happen to the perfect moms I see at church, on television or on Facebook!

I was so relieved one day when God reminded me that,  

Perfection is a label I have placed on myself. I can take the label off at any moment and the pressure that comes along with it will instantly be removed, allowing me to freely be the mama God created me to be. -Rachel Scott

What a true and honest statement! I am putting to much pressure on myself to be perfect, something even God doesn’t even expect of me. He created me as an imperfect being which means even in me being a mom, he expects me NOT to be perfect so that my imperfections will lead me to Him.  He never expected me to be perfect but to freely be me.

At any given moment if you walked into my house you may see some paper on the floor and crayon art on the wall. My kids may be arguing for 5 minutes and laughing 5 minutes later. They may be whining about being bored or pouting over having to read a book. All in the first 10 minutes of your visit, but what you will find is a warm loving home filled with imperfect parents and imperfect children trying to serve an all perfect God.  

-Rachel Scott